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A large number of couples for a long time do not seek qualified help from specialists, trying to overcome the delicate ailment on their own or, worse, with the help of non-traditional medicine and folk methods, which that often worsen the problem.

To effectively overcome female infertility, it is necessary to seek qualified help in a specialized clinic and get specialist advice. The reproductive specialist deals with such important issues as finding the cause of infertility, treatment, IVF if necessary. Not all patients need IVF, sometimes it is enough to identify and treat infections, viruses, menstrual cycle disorders, correction of hormonal background, the reproductive specialist will give recommendations on lifestyle, help to tune in to the long-awaited pregnancy. If the pregnancy does not occur within a year, you need to consult a specialist such as a reproductologist, so as not to lose precious time. After all, the younger the woman, the better her chances of getting pregnant.


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Many factors of infertility are acquired. They can be avoided if in time to identify and treat inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, monitor the general condition of the body with the help of regular examinations.

To find out what is the cause of infertility, the couple must undergo a comprehensive examination and treatment in a specialized center.

The decision to see a reproductive endocrinologist (also known as an infertility specialist) is an important stage on your way to motherhood.

What to expect at the first consultation on infertility?

It will be helpful to know what to expect during the first infertility consultation. The first thing to know is that the initial consultation can last more than an hour and a half.

After you are met at the reception, you will be taken to the doctor’s office, where you will talk to your doctor for about an hour. Your doctor will review your medical history and discuss your family goals. Based on your history, age and how active you want to continue treatment, your doctor will prescribe a number of diagnostic tests to assess the health of both partners.

Regular testing will be recommended to assess the most important aspects of fertility: eggs, sperm, structures such as fallopian tubes and uterus, and hormone levels in one or both partners. The results of these tests will help your doctor formulate the type of procedure that will provide you with the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

In addition to the diagnostic tests recommended by your doctor, we recommend several steps to better prepare yourself for pregnancy and childbirth:

-Stop smoking;

-Follow a balanced diet;

-Exercise regularly

-Explore ways to reduce weight and stress in everyday life (meditation, counseling, massage, acupuncture, support groups, regular physical trainig, acupuncture, support groups, regular trainigs, hobbies, etc.).

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A few helpful tips to prepare for your initial infertility consultation:

  1. Give your doctor a full and accurate history of previous fertility treatment attempts, which will increase your chances of success. Please bring with you all the latest records that you may have about previous infertility treatment, prior gynecological surgery, etc.
  2. You will get a lot of information during the consultation on infertility. Take notes, ask questions and remember that you can always (even recommend) call or email us with additional questions. In addition, think about preparing and writing down all your questions before you go to the doctor.
  3. Feel free to tell your doctor if the recommended treatment is too invasive or expensive – or not active enough for you. You and your doctor determine the rythm of treatment.
  4. The emotional mood of starting treatment is very important: we appreciate that when you come to us, you may have already been treated in other clinics for months or even years. This is a big step to start the process of diagnosis and treatment again or for the first time; so your first visit here is an important day. Often you feel excited and hopeful about getting pregnant, and at the same time you are nervous because you don’t know what to expect or are afraid that the treatment may not work. Infertility treatment can affect work schedules, vacation plans, finances, marriages, families and self-esteem.
  5. While there may be material, emotional, financial or medical obstacles that cause delays or changes in your treatment plan, our goal is to meet your individual needs at every step. Please feel free to ask questions, take your time, and express your concerns. We are committed to cooperating with you in your treatment and will do everything possible to make your treatment successful.