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Israeli IVF, Donation and Surrogacy Center BIRTH in Batumi


Israeli IVF expertise is now accessible for the people of Region  

Who we are

Innovative Medical Center BIRTH is a diagnostic and treatment center for reproductive health, which provides Georgian and foreign couples to fulfill their dream of having a child.

The clinic has been implementing medical activities for the fourth year in the coastal city of Batumi in Georgia and is distinguished by its integrity, professionalism, and high-quality services.

The clinic was founded by Lev Adirovich, a citizen of Israel, who is a doctor of cybernetics and the owner of many international patents for medical technology. The leading reproductive specialists, embryologists, and medical personnel of Georgia work in the Birth. The foreign consultants of the clinic are well-known reproductive specialists from Israel with 40 years of experience.

Clinic BIRTH is authorized by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection of Georgia, as well as the Ministry of Health of Israel. This fact provides an opportunity for Israeli citizens to undergo examinations and medical procedures in our clinic and submit an invoice for treatment fee reimbursement in Israel.

Since 2022, the clinic BIRTH has been engaged in the “Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility” program sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Adjara. It should be noted that the highest percentage of pregnancies in Georgia occurred in our clinic. In 2021, as a result of the medical organizations’ ratings, the clinic BIRTH was named the #1 Global Brand in Georgia, which indicates its reputable image and success.

The medical institution has a modern material and technical base and is equipped with innovative devices. It operates according to internationally established standards and protocols. The clinic has partners on almost every continent, including America, Canada, European countries, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

Each employee cares about the comfort of patients and their health, therefore the clinic offers patients a complete package of services. You can find information about this in the menu named – services, and you can find out about the news related to our clinic in the item – news.

BIRTH stands out for its high social responsibility. It provides assistance to patients in need with the support of the “Georgian-Israeli” Foundation. The organization is distinguished by high corporate ethics and the provision of social benefits for employees.

In the future, Clinic BIRTH plans to expand the field of activity and introduce innovations in the field of reproductive medicine.

Birth offers quality services

Innovative Medical Center “Birth” offers the following services with the highest quality: infertility treatment, in-vitro fertilization, donation, and surrogacy programs, accurate diagnostic lab tests, and ultrasound examinations. A team of professionals takes an individual approach to each patient and acts with high protection of her interests. #IsraeliQuality

Israeli doctors

BIRTH is an Israeli in vitro fertilization center in Batumi aimed to help making your dream of a BIRTH of a healthy child come true. Israeli IVF experts team is known to successfully treat complicated cases of infertility. Together with a local professional team they will provide top fertility workup and treatments at our Batumi Israeli Reproductive Technology Healthcare center (BIRTH) at the highest ethical standards. We also offer donation and surrogacy programs to assist people in their pursuit of happiness.

Infertility Treatment & In Vitro Services​

Fertility Consultation & Workup

At our in vitro fertilization center in Batumi we provide full-scope of detailed consultation and examination services, including evaluation of diagnostic results, and developing the most effective path for a productive treatment.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

This is the most effective method of infertility treatment, which is recommended to patients who are not eligible for other methods, or when the rest of the methods are not effective. We also do IVF in a natural cycle (without hormonal stimulation).

Egg & Sperm Donation

Donor bank in our IVF center in Batumi is composed of women aged from 18 to 33, with good genetics, which means that your chances to get successfully pregnant are significantly high. Even if a women doesn't have a husband or a partner, we will make your dream come true.

Surrogacy Program

We know that surrogacy can involve many emotional highs and lows, so we are here to stand by you through the important journey. We offer surrogacy program for women by providing full-scale support and help, sparing no effort for your physical and psychological comfort.

Our Reproducologist

Irina Nikuradze

Gynecologist-reproducologist Clinical Director

Irma Ramishvili

Clinical-director, Reproducologist, Obstetrician-Gynecologist

Marina Bezhanidze

Reproducologist, Gynecologist

Alisa Gvarishvili

Reproducologist, Gynecologist

Our embryologists

Pavel Guly

Tamuna Gorgoshadze

Iuri Korchinuk

Team of Reproducologists from Israel ​

Administrative staff

High-Tech Equipment for in vitro vertilizaion

IVF laboratory at “BIRTH” in vitro fertilization center in Batumi is equipped with the latest technology and allows us to implement the necessary procedures in the most advanced way.

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