Egg donation

Egg Donation

If the woman is not able to produce enough amount of healthy eggs to get pregnant, egg donation is one of the most effective methods for reaching the desired result – pregnancy.

Female needs donor eggs in the following cases:

  • Upper reproductive age of the female patient
  • Premature ovarian failure or ovarian failure in the result of menopause
  • Ovarian surgery
  • Poor egg quality, repeatedly unsuccessful IVF with her own oocytes
  • Chromosomal and inherited anomalies in the ovaries

Donor bank in our IVF center in Batumi is composed of women aged from 18 to 33, with good genetics, which means that your chances to get successfully pregnant are significantly high. 

You can become an egg donor too, and help women who are unable to give birth to a baby with their own eggs. You fill in the form, pass a thorough medical examination and get a reward in the end. All you need to do is to click the link below and submit the form.