We know that surrogacy program can involve many emotional highs and lows, so we are here to stand by you through the important journey. Surrogacy is absolutely legal in Georgia and is carried out according to the instructions of the Georgian Ministry of Health. In our IVF, donation and surrogacy center we do full medical examination of surrogate mother and the family.

Here are some primary reasons when surrogacy can be a solution:

  • Absence of uterus
  • Deformation of the uterine cavity
  • Adhesions in the uterine cavity
  • Diseases of internal organs in which pregnancy is contraindicated
  • Repeatedly unsuccessful IVF attempts with high-quality embryos that do not lead to pregnancy
You can become a surrogate mother, and help women who are unable to give birth to a baby themselves. We offer surrogacy program for women by providing full-scale support and help, sparing no effort for your physical and psychological comfort. Full confidentiality and proper compensation.
All you need to do is to click the link below and submit the form.