✨Elena Milner, PhD, held a very interesting meeting with the students, during which she spoke on the topic: “The past and future of ART”.

✨The public lecture was interactive and students were actively involved in talking about such topical issues as delayed parenthood, egg, and embryo freezing trends, and what the future holds in regard to new technologies.

👉Dr. Elena Milner is an invited embryologist of the innovative medical clinic BIRTH from Israel, she has been working in the field of IVF for dozens of years, she is the director of the Israeli IVF laboratory, she is accredited as a senior clinical embryologist of the Ministry of Health of Israel; Also accredited as Senior Clinical Embryologist by ESHRE – European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

👉The public meeting was held in cooperation with Batumi International University!

👉We are planning to invite other field experts and hold seminars in the future.