Surrogate motherhood is probably the most difficult, but sometimes the only option to overcome infertility.

For any woman to overcome infertility to resort to this method is a difficult test. Often, both the biological parents and the surrogate mother need psychological help during the entire period of treatment and pregnancy. This is natural, and our patients are constantly receiving psychological support from both our reproductive specialists and, if necessary, specialized specialists.

What is surrogacy?

Thanks to the development of assisted reproductive technologies, it has become possible to overcome infertility in cases that were previously considered incurable.

The most important achievement of Reproductology is the implementation of surrogate motherhood programs.

Surrogate motherhood provides the opportunity to have a child of their own genetically for women who have a missing uterus-congenital (Rakitansky-Kustner syndrome) or surgically removed.

Before the advent of modern assisted reproductive technologies, this automatically meant that a woman would never have children. However, with the advent of IVF, everything changed.

Суррогатное материнство

Surrogacy also helps women who suffer from miscarriage or diseases that are contraindicated for pregnancy and childbirth, or who have had numerous unsuccessful attempts at IVF for unexplained reasons.

Surrogate motherhood (SM) is a program of IVF IN which embryos grown “in vitro” are transferred not to the genetic mother, but to a specially trained woman who will carry them until birth. Accordingly, the surrogate mother is the woman who takes responsibility for your baby for the period of its intrauterine development.

Surrogate mothers can be healthy women under 35 years old who have their own healthy child. Women decide to become surrogate mothers for humane (relative) or financial reasons. Our center cooperates with professional surrogacy agencies and will help You in choosing the right surrogate mother.

Many people in the surrogacy program are afraid of the idea that the surrogate mother will claim Your child as her own. Such fears are caused mainly by stories from ” soap operas “and” yellow ” press, but in practice we have never met such episodes in our work. All surrogate mothers go to this difficult work for the sake of their own children, who sometimes have nothing to feed, because often such a mother sits at home alone without work. And she understands from the beginning what she is doing, that she will not bear her own child, that she is in fact an “incubator” for him, that this is her job, for which she receives money. Special services monitor her compliance with all the necessary requirements for proper pregnancy and accompany her during childbirth. A surrogate mother is a woman who carries your child in her womb and has no genetic connection to that child. Immediately after birth, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Georgia, on the basis of an agreement between the surrogate mother and biological parents and a certificate issued by the clinic where IVF WAS performed, a birth certificate is issued where the name of the biological parents is immediately registered as legal, unlike in other countries, when, for example, DNA testing is required, a written refusal of the surrogate mother, etc.

The second aspect that concerns those who are forced to turn to the services of surrogate mothers is the high cost of such a program. It is primarily due to the fact that surrogate mothers want to receive decent compensation for the hard work of carrying a child, deterioration of health during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as loss of income during maternity leave, which is the main part of the cost of the surrogacy program. But your relatives or close friends can also act as a surrogate mother, if they have their own children, they are healthy and meet the criteria for selecting a surrogate mother. In this case, the issue of monetary remuneration for their help You decide individually with Your applicant. The truth and responsibility for the surrogate mother’s performance of their duties in this case, You fully assume.

Features of in vitro fertilization in the surrogacy program or how is the surrogacy program carried out?

At the preparatory stages of treatment, in parallel with the drafting of relevant legal documents and contracts, a contract between the surrogate mother and the biological parents is also signed in accordance with the legislation of the country. The contract details the rights and responsibilities of both the surrogate mother and the biological parents.

After synchronizing the menstrual cycles of the surrogate and biological mothers, the IVF program, as usual, begins with stimulation of the ovaries of the biological mother, in parallel with which the endometrium of the surrogate mother is medicated. This whole process is strictly controlled by a reproductologist using ultrasound and hormonal monitoring. When the appropriate size of the follicle is reached, the follicles are punctured and the follicular fluid is aspirated. The resulting eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the husband/partner and grown in laboratory conditions in special environments for 3-5 days.

услуга суррогатного материнства

The embryos are transferred to the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother on the appropriate day, where after successful implantation, your future baby should pass the entire embryonic period. A surrogate mother only carries Your child without having any genetic connection with it.

After the transfer to the 14th day, the level of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood is determined, which indicates the presence or absence of pregnancy.

At the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy, the surrogate mother continues to remain under the supervision of a reproductologist, at least until the 12th week of pregnancy, in order to correctly continue supportive hormone therapy.

In our center, surrogacy programs are being implemented/executed with great success due to the long-term experience of Israeli specialists working in this field since 1996.

Thanks to the caring, warm, professional attitude of all employees of our team individually to each couple and, of course, Your firm decision to fulfill your cherished dream of becoming parents, it will be possible to overcome all obstacles and you will hug your long-awaited baby.